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November 24, 2009

Oh For Pete's Sake!

Saturday night after my performance I went out with BD to Blowoff.  I hadn't been there for two years because I didn't have the greatest impression of it, and quite frankly, nothing's changed.  I'm really not into going to places that are more of a "meat market" but that is not the point of this story.

So BD and I are there and we're mingling with some folks outside of the dance floor and BD runs into some folks he knows, including a guy named SR.  Now SR (all of this I would learn later) has always had the hots for BD, and he made it known he was still interested because he secretly told BD while I was away that he would "like to be the one making out with [BD] by the end of the night."

Later that evening, BD and I are out dancing and getting close, and there was a bit of making out going on.  Apparently SR saw this, didn't like it, and proceeded to go by and pinch BD.


Really, you get jealous that someone else is with a person you want, and so you proceed to pinch them?!  Come on now, little girls do that, not grown men.  Take off the dress, put on some pants, and man the fuck up.  That means you suck it up and deal with it in a more constructive way, you don't pinch a person because you're mad that they're not with you.  It also means you learn some boundaries and don't interfere with someone else's date.  SR is lucky that BD didn't tell me all this until after we had left, because there would have been words, or worse.

Ya know what though, this is the kind of drama queen bullshit that I have seen over the last few months from enough folks that when it comes to certain "communities" that I feel that they have more issues than National Geographic.  It's sad to see, but it is reality at this point.

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