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September 17, 2007


The next time I take an R12 bus home, make sure it says New Carrollton, and not Deanwood Station. Yes, I got on the wrong bus. Thankfully I was able to hop off the bus at college park and just wait for the R12 New Carrollton to come by. I lost about an hour, but oh well.

I decided to turn some of my overripe bananas (they were green when I bought em!) into banana nut muffins. I must say it's nice to be a 3 minute walk from a supermarket because i had to run over there to get baking soda, and I got some walnuts as well. Now I can smell them baking and it's driving me crazy.

This Saturday, I think I'm going to head into the city in the morning and meet up with the DC Front Runners to check them out. I'd get some exercise, and I could meet other people, it should be a win-win all around.