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September 17, 2007

More Exercise

Since the weather has finally cooled off, I am going to start running again. Today was my first day, I made a loop from Crescent Road up to Ridge Road and back down again for a total of 3.3 miles of running. I actually did quite well for myself because there was very little time that I had to walk during that loop. I think I will keep this one up and then start adding more distance. So if you're out and about in Old Greenbelt, you just might see me out there.

Also, I decided instead of buying a new bike that I would get my current one tuned back up so I can start riding to Metro again. It looks like I'll be getting about 5 miles of riding in, so that will be some good exercise, plus I'll save money when I don't have to take the bus! This decision came about because I decided to take a shot at the local bike shop and see what they would say about my bike. It turned out that a regular tune-up plus a new chain could get my bike up and running without issue, and it was about 1/3-1/5 of the cost of buying a new bike, so you know what I would rather do. Really, my current bike is not a bad bike anyway, but I will admit the styles have changed a lot since it was purchased 17 years ago by my dad. Still, I'd rather just keep riding it until it finally falls apart, then I can consider a new bike.