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September 17, 2007

Trying Something Different

Costco Sushi, originally uploaded by theblackdog2071.

The other day at Costco I found this pack of FujiSan California Rolls and I decided I would give it a shot to see if it was any good. It came with packets of ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce, however, I skipped their soy sauce and substituted my own.

It actually was not half-bad, the rolls were pretty well made, the wasabi actually kicked my ass a bit, and the ginger was flavorful. It was also pretty nutritious as one serving (3 rolls) were 100 calories (10 from fat) and 1 gram of fat. I didn't finish the package in one setting, so believe me, there was more than enough.

Speaking of nutrition, I also was well behaved today at the local Ruby Tuesdays. I would recommend that if you're like me and can't do just salad for lunch because you do like being carnivorous, get the mini turkey burgers and salad bar. You'll get two mini turkey burgers (skip the fries) and all the salad bar you can eat, and it's the same price or lower than most entrees. Of course, it also means behaving at the salad bar as well. Skip the pasta salads and other pre-made ones, and go light on cheese and/or dressing. If you can, just use a bit of red-wine vinegar for your dressing. If there was anything that was really "bad" in my salads, it would have to be the dried cranberries, but now I know of something I can snack on that will take care of the sweet tooth.

I unfortunately can't get any nutritional information on the turkey burgers as the Ruby Tuesdays website only has nutritional information for the mini beef burgers. The next time I order them, I may consider asking for no mayo, but considering how little there was, I might let that one slide.

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