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April 21, 2008

Damn, 12 Days Already?

I just logged into Blogger and it noted that I haven't updated since April 9th.

Here's a summary of what has happened in that time:

--JH had surgery on his nose, which meant he was basically resting for a week. I spent some time hanging out with him and we watched lots of Simpsons.

--I finally released the production version of the housing construction survey

--I traveled to Atlanta for three days last week to observe training on the construction survey, and observed an interview of the consumer survey. There was also sightseeing done.

--JH and I spent the past weekend in NJ and NY, going to Six Flags, Coney Island, and visiting some of his extended family.

--I am going through final testing of some of my programs before they hit production, and I can just say that I freaking ROCK as a programmer.

--I have much love to give to Costco right now.

Details will follow, including lots of pictures :-D