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April 21, 2008

Visiting the Patient, and New Opportunities

I spent a few evenings and my day off hanging out with JH at his parents house up in Pasadena. His surgery had gone better than expected but of course he was still having pain since they basically had forced the inside of his nose to be wider. At least they didn't have to break his nose to correct it.

So I got to keep an eye on him while we watched Simpsons episodes and Orioles games as well. It was kind of like a vacation in a way because I pretty much just sat back and went along with whatever was going on. It also helped put JH's parents at ease because I was there in case of a problem and they didn't have to leave him alone in the house.

At one point JH and I ran a few errands for him, including the big one of dropping off his two week notice to his current job. JH was offered a job at another hotel in Baltimore, which means better pay, a promotion, more opportunity to move up, and being able to work with someone he knows well. All around it looks to be like a great opportunity for him.

Eventually later in the week he would go to the doc and they would take out the tubes that were holding his nose open, he couldn't believe the size of what they stuffed in there. However, they're out now, he's healing up nicely, and no more pain.

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