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October 20, 2008

Disconnection Day 3

Sunday had to be one of my laziest days in a long time. Most of the other campers packed up and left by early afternoon. T gifted me with a beautiful homemade crocheted hat and scarf that will come in handy this winter. Thanks to Sirius radio, I was able to hear the Ravens break their losing streak. After the game I went to the memorial garden that is nearby the site. It's a very quiet place where people leave memorials to those who have passed. It is also a good place to sit and meditate as well, which I did, besides taking a few pictures of the streambed.

Had dinner of some leftover soup and S'mores for dessert. It may have been about 7 years since I last did it, but I still have my fire starting skills, and it was a great bit of warmth for a cold night. It was a very chilly day and the night was even colder, but luckily I prepared with extra blankets and clothing, so I was able to get through the night without freezing to death.