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October 20, 2008

Disconnection Day 4

It was an enjoyable four days of camping, but I was ready to come home and finally be back in my nice warm bed. I broke down camp, which was rather easy thanks to tenting, and slowly made my way back to civilization. Interestingly enough thanks to the cold, I never had to buy any more ice since Friday. I had put 2 bags into my food cooler, I think only about 1 bags worth melted. I have pictures of how much was left in my cooler when I got home.

I drove down the turnpike, called into a radio show and teased one of the hosts since she is a dolphins fan, and made plans to meet with a friend of mine, CR. He works on the turnpike on their radio communications and I was passing by his shop anyway, so I was able to stop and have a chat with him before heading down further.

Got through PA and DE just find, had some issues in Baltimore because someone got into a wreck by the toll plaza at the inner harbor tunnel. Got home, unpacked, let a few people know I was home, then made a run over to Costco to look for a new car battery. They didn't have one in my size so I had to hit the auto parts store. This morning my battery was slow to turn over, and it is nearly 5 years old, so it was time for a new one. Testing it at the store proved it, so now there's a new battery.

Now I am just watching movies and relaxing. My tent is laying flat so that it can air out since it has a campfire smell. I am feeling very relaxed at the moment, and tired as well. I should head to bed shortly since I have had a long day and I have work in the morning. I will post later about the campground itself and some of the things I thought about and learned over the weekend. Besides that, I have pictures to put up on flickr.

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