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December 24, 2008

So Far So Good

I have been so lazy for the last two days, which is totally not like me, but it is something I deserve right now.

The most I have really done is go and finish Christmas shopping with my dad and run some other errands, but otherwise I have just been hanging around the house, catching up on some reading and video games.  Hell, I've even been sleeping the full 8-9 hours I should be getting as well.

I haven't been entirely lazy though, I've still been doing the shovelgloving to help offset any extra eating this week, and I have been watching my snacking because that is the sort of habit I would break while here.  Of course I do whatever I can to help out around the house.

Do I really have anything planned?  Nah, I'm on vacation, and that's how it should be.  What I am reminded is that it is a bit harder for me to go out and about in Phoenix since I don't have my car with me anymore, but that can't be helped.  Besides, it's the holidays and some folks are busy with their own families.  Still, I will see if I can find time to visit with folks I know.

I'm just glad to be here and make a bit of a change of scenery.