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September 21, 2009

Renn Faire, 2009

It's the fall season here, and that means it's time for the MD Renaissance Faire.  I decided to make my trip down that way this past weekend, and boy did I have some fun.

This year I finally caved to some insistence from some folks I know who work there and I borrowed some garb to wear.  To really do something different, I went dressed in a kilt, peasant shirt, and boots.  Did I wear that kilt authentically?  Maybe....maybe not ;-)

So I got to the faire and met up with RP, BMc, and MR since we had all decided to meet and hang out together throughout the day.  I also knew that RB, DB, and TB were going to be there as well.  We got inside and I ran into RB and DB and we talked before they headed off to catch one of the shows.  We stayed and watched a play about St. George.  Then it was onward to hit a few shops, have some drinks, and catch some more shows.  TB called and was unable to make it due to a massive water main break in Dundalk that meant he was going to be working.  Tough break for him.

There was one shop I stopped in and the girl there insisted that I needed to try on some of the vests there.  I admit I did look good in them, but they were priced out of range for me.  There was also this really awesome leather and suede cloak there.  Again, if I had money to burn that was one thing, but not at this point.  Moving on we eventually got down to where the Lingamore Cellars was doing a wine tasting.  I have a list of a few things I want to buy.  I must recommend the Mountain White as it was very very tasty.

For lunch it had to be a turkey leg for me.  That is just faire tradition.  I also was daring to buy a skewer of fried macaroni and cheese and share it with the group.  It actually wasn't bad at all, I might have to consider buying it again the next time I am there. 

After lunch it was wandering around some more and catching some shows along the way.  I also ran into JS and his new BF as well.  Then later on I ran into one of my supervisors from work and his family.  MR remarked later that it seemed like I knew everyone at faire.  It's probably due to the eclectic group of folks that I know ;-)  Part of the day was also spent chatting with JG and LB at their respective shops.

Eventually in the later afternoon, after finding a hat and awesome vest at the faire.  RP, BM, and MR had to take off from the faire.  I went and met up with RB and DB and their group and we hung out at the Whitehart until the faire closed.

After our respective goodbyes, I headed over to Crofton and met up with JG and LB for dinner with other faire workers.  It's always fun to show up to a restaurant still dressed in garb, kind of gives the waitresses a start.

Once again, faire was fun, even if my camera croaked in the process, stupid battery.  I'll remember to carry the spare next time.  At least I got some great pictures.