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September 17, 2009

Nice Idea, Wrong Reasons

So I got a request from someone I know to go on a certain trip with them. Normally this would be fine since this would have meant traveling to a new place and hanging out with a good crowd. However, it's not one-hundred percent because he wants me along because he's interested in having me hang with him and/or I would mix well with the others. One of the reasons he wants me along is because needs protection from the horny host who despite getting married, can't keep his hands off of other guys.

Normally if someone would come to me with an issue like this, I would try to help them out by being that sort of protection. Of course, this usually happens to someone when they're out at the bars. This time around, I hear this, and I feel a bit resentful that this would be something that I am asked to do. A big reason for this is that this situation could be avoided. Quite frankly, if you know you've been invited to be in close quarters with a group and that one of the people in the group is trying to get you into their bed, you have no desire to, and they can't seem to take no for an answer, then don't go. If you still feel you must go, then you will just have to make sure to stay busy with other activities, and make sure to keep your wits about you. That means no getting hammered out of your mind on alcohol.

The person who asked me this, while it's a nice gesture, it's for all the wrong reasons. If he still feels he must go, perhaps this can be a lesson in how to deal with people, especially those who are too pushy.

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