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July 12, 2007

Busy (at least outside of work)

Finished Order of the Phoenix, now to read Half Blood Prince before Deathly Hallows comes out next Friday. On top of that, I have lines and music to memorize for GodSpell. I have been given the part of John/Judas, so that does mean a bit more work, but it should be fun. I have a soundtrack of the music numbers and I have already downloaded it to my Stiletto so I can listen and learn. We open August 24, and the show looks like it will be fun.

Saturday is a board meeting with GreenBeLT Pride to discuss recent events and how we can continue their success. We had a lot of new people show up, now we need to find a way to keep them there, especially guys. I could stand to lose my status as the "token gay man" at our events. Besides, Labor Day is coming up, and we need to start planning so we can have the most fabulous float in the parade again :-D

After meeting, I am off to Baltimore with Joshua, first to pick up a pair of running shoes from Holabird Sports. There was a particular pair of Asics I was interested in; the place I would usually buy from were selling them for $95 plus shipping, Holabird was selling the exact same shoes for only $76, and I could do in-store pickup. I'll definitely take a bargain any day.

A jaunt down the inner harbor, and then it's off to a party, which should be lots of fun. After that, I am planning to go watch basketball on Sunday, and perhaps see the new Harry Potter movie as well.

Now if only work could be busy like this right now. As it is, all is quiet on my surveys, but I know it will get crazier next month when the next systems test occurs for my listing surveys. Still, I hate when basically I have no work coming down from my sponsors. There's only so long that I can take playing around with another instrument and seeing if I can tweak its performance for the next major revision. I did get a problem case in the field, but I think it's one of those flukes where it just happened because I have been unable to re-create the problem. Isn't that how it always goes?

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