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July 09, 2007

They Just Opened the Floodgates.

Sprint ditches customers who complain too much

Is it just me, or is there a great way to get out of your cell phone contract without getting smacked with a $150+ termination fee? All you have to do is call customer service over and over again with annoying questions and issues. Sure you're going to look like a major prick to the customer reps and there might be some bad notes on you, but unless the phone companies start comparing notes, you've got a way out for free. I don't expect the phone companies to start comparing notes either because I'm sure Verizon doesn't give a shit if you were an asshole to Sprint or AT&T.

Too bad I'd actually consider sticking with Verizon when my contract under Mike expires, or else I would consider using this as a way to prevent being stuck with major fees.

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