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August 01, 2007


Now I remember why I am a dog person and not a cat person.

Over the past week I have been making arrangements with a person on Freecycle to pick up some beanbags that I wanted to get rid of. Today she was going to pick them up, all was going to plan until I picked them up from the spot they've been sitting in the living room.

Mike's cat decided to make them into his personal toilet and pissed all over them.

I really hate when I basically promise something to someone, and then I have to cancel, especially when it's due to preventable circumstances.

So I got to call this person up and basically tell her I couldn't give her the beanbags, which sucks because she's a teacher, and she was going to put them in the reading area of her classroom for her kids. Now that's not going to happen.

Do you think I got an apology from Mike? Nope. Not even so much as an offer to help me clean up the rug because that also stunk of cat piss. I swear, if there's a bill for cleaning up pet odor when we vacate (even after my planned shampooing of the rugs) I am making Mike pay for it.

The reason this likely happened? Mike has taken to hiding in the bedroom when I'm around, and he shuts the door and that's where the catbox is. With my stuff being in the living room, it's now all a target for the cat. Mike didn't appreciate when I looked at the cat and said "Piss on anything else and I'm sending you to the pound." but it's how I feel. I'm not going to have my stuff ruined because someone isn't taking care of his pet properly.

Perhaps I should seriously consider moving now, I haven't signed a new lease yet. I could make it work for myself.

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