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August 05, 2007

Settling into Place

This past Friday I went down the road to another apt complex and filled out an application for a 1 bdrm place. Within ten minutes of filling out the application the guy came back to me and said I was approved. Next week I get to sign the lease, and then I move in on the 8th of September.

It's a decent place, the building was built in the 30's so it doesn't have all the modern amenities. Utilities are included except for electric, but when I talked to another resident she told me that her electric bill was something like $40 a month, so that's very reasonable. My plan is to get DSL because it's much cheaper than cable and I'll still get a good speed. Even when I go off of their promotional rate, it will be $35 a month rather than the $50+ that Comcast would charge. I am really debating if I even want to get cable TV, simply because Comcast's prices are outrageous. Comcast has their most basic service for $13 a month, which has the major broadcast networks, some local channels, PBS, etc. Just to move up to their extended basic service, which has the stuff I would like, such as Sci-Fi and Cartoon Network, is $52 a month. WTF? people, this isn't even for digital service! If I somewhere I could place it, I'd get a satellite dish. I think Bittorrent is going to be my friend when it comes to watching Dr. Who from now on.

As for phone, well my number may be changing, we'll see. Mike claims that to pay my part of the cell phone bill is $50 a month, I don't believe him because when I researched getting my own plan, that's what it would cost me just for the one line with unlimited messaging, and I know that lines 2-5 on a bill are $30 a month with messaging, and there's only 2 lines, which only adds up to an $80 bill, soooo I am calling bullshit on that one until I see a bill to prove this justification. Still, maybe I can break off of his contract without penalty and keep my number.

Now is the time to consolidate and pack up. I've been putting items up on Freecycle and also there's a PTA book sale coming up soon, so they'll be taking donations of books. I'll have to go through and see what books of mine I can get rid of. It shouldn't be difficult to decide that one, I've already been making a mental list of what books should go.

So, between GodSpell and preparing to move, August is shaping up to be a busy month for me!

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  1. Cell phone plans are kinda bitchy. But that's no reason either of you need to be fighting like a couple of hormonal women. I've heard information from both of you--and I'm not taking sides. I'd kind of like to slap you both upside the head equally. --With love, you understand.