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August 24, 2007

This is Why I'm Moving

yucksink, originally uploaded by theblackdog2071.

I came home from rehearsal tonight to find the bathroom sink in this state. Yes, this is an un-retouched photo of Mike's hair all in the sink. You'd think he'd know how to run the water after trimming.

Folks, between the fact that he never cleans, he's started smoking in the house again, he's eating the food that I'm buying for me, and he keeps lowering the A/C since I'm the one getting stuck with the bill, I am so glad I am moving out of here. September 8 cannot come soon enough. I'll probably have to throw out most of my clothing that's still in the bedroom just because of the smoke contamination.

And for the record, yes the living room is a disaster right now because I have a bunch of boxes piled up, but that will change after this weekend because Godspell will be over and I'll be able to work my ass off on packing.

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