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September 17, 2007

Mmmmmm, Great Salad

I have created a salad that does not require any kind of dressing to enhance the flavor, and even if it did, only a small splash of red wine vinegar would do.

In a bowl, I toss together some spinach leaves, red leaf lettuce, baby carrots, chopped red (or orange) pepper, cilantro (tear it up to release the flavor), shredded cooked chicken (baked with pepper and garlic powder), and a bit of crumbled tomato and basil flavored feta. I had this at work today and I found I didn't miss throwing on some sort of dressing. Of course I have another salad ready to go for work tomorrow.

I have been using the salad spinner a lot as well. It has been rather useful in keeping all of my greens fresh for longer. Now if something like that could be done with fruit. I had some nectarines go bad on me rather quickly (2-3 days, wtf?!) which was no fun because I do like having something like that to snack on. It's much better for me than chocolate.

I also have some newly baked banana nut muffins to enjoy for the next few days as well. I love to bake, but I had fallen out of the habit for various reasons, the biggest being that I was continually being told I was making someone fat because I liked to bake stuff. When it goes as far as that you're ordered never to use a certain recipe again, there's a problem. Well now I can dive back into the recipes again, considering that I do know where my limits are.

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