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October 26, 2007

Movie Review: Across the Universe

I am several weeks behind on getting entries done in my blog, but I want to get it out now.

I saw Across the Universe a few weeks ago at a local theater. The basic summary of the movie is that it follows the lives of a few people during the late 1960's as the Vietnam War is raging on, and there is a backdrop of various Beatles music. To me, the movie was well done, I was able to follow along with the story and the music was woven very naturally into the scenes as well. This isn't like some musical where suddenly everyone is doing a song and dance for no apparent reason, a good example would be when one of the characters, Prudence, has locked herself up in a closet and refuses to come out, some of the other characters start to sing "Dear Prudence" which eventually brings her out to join the others.

Anyway, so the movie goes along, it gets rather intense towards the end, and of course it resolves itself. There's even a twist that occurs that left me wondering about just what was going to happen now; if that was it, the movie was over or if there was going to be more. One make-or-break for me when it comes to movies is that if I can basically call what is going to happen in each scene five to ten minutes before it happens, then I get bored with the movie. There was only one scene where I could call what was going to happen, but that's because it was blatantly obvious. If you see (have seen) this movie, I'm sure you can guess which scene, especially if you know 60's culture and/or stereotypes. It happens towards the middle of the movie.

Jim Sturgess does an awesome job playing Jude, and his voice fits perfectly (and he's great eye candy along with an English accent, rawr!). I also really get into Dana Fuchs as Sadie, because she basically is Janis Joplin, including her voice.

Before I go off and basically give away the whole movie, I'll just shut up in regards to describing it. In my opinion, I strongly encourage you to see this movie in the theater, and buy it later when it1 comes out on DVD. It's the perfect movie you can take a date to, especially if you like the Beatles. I would also suggest getting the soundtrack, the deluxe version that's on iTunes is the one to get because it has every single song from the movie. I have this loaded onto my Stiletto to listen to at any time I feel like it. I hope this movie wins some awards, they will be well deserved.

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