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November 09, 2007

Monday Night Football Fun

Cripes, if you read the last few entries I have posted here, it seems like I just lead a life full of drama. Thank god this next entry is about something good that I hope stays good, no more drama please!

Monday night I went over to Nellie's Sports Bar to meet a guy I had been talking to on Match.com, the reason? He's a fellow Ravens fan, and he likes beer :-D They were playing Monday night against the Steelers, so I had suggested to him over the weekend to meet at the bar and watch the game.

After a wrong turn from Metro and getting back on track thanks to Brian, I arrived at Nellie's a little before 7 PM. I got a text that my date was running late thanks to the usual DC traffic, so I found a table, ordered a beer, and chilled.

My date finally arrives, wearing his Ravens Jersey, he has Ed Reed on, I'm wearing Todd Heap, and we were the only two at the place this time who are wearing Ravens jerseys so it was easy to spot one another. So while we wait for the game to get started we make small talk, get to know one another a bit. We have our beers, we order some wings, life is good. I've got a cute guy who is also a beer drinking football fan sitting across from me, what more could I want right now?

Unfortunately life was not so good for the Ravens that night. By the end of the first half, the Steelers are ahead 35 to 7. It just became too painful to watch, so we decided to call it a night head out. To my surprise, it's raining outside, good thing I have my coat (Note to self: get a winter hat!). We drive back towards Greenbelt and he drops me off at my apartment.

All in all, it was a fun night (even if the Ravens lost!), this guy is interesting, he seems to have his act together and we share some common interests, there's talk of a second date, possibly to the Ravens vs Bengals game this Sunday :-D


  1. when are you and i going to watch some football together? actually, when are we going to finally meet? i've got some chile waiting to be eaten.....

  2. The Ravens are well.. doing poorly. I have theories but I am just going to blame the bunnies.

    I still love my Ravens but its like they are not even trying .. or they are drunk.

    NELLIES.. such an odd name for a sports bar.