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November 12, 2007

Seeing Lisa Lampanelli

This past Friday, Lisa Lampanelli was in DC performing at the Warner Theater. A co-worker and I were going to go and catch her act, but he had a schedule conflict, so I took his ticket and invited Alex to go with me.

We first met at 5 for dinner over at Matchbox in Gallery Place. Instead of doing the usual pizza, Alex recommended having the mini burgers, so I ordered a small plate of those along with a spinach salad. The salad was great, and the burgers were good as well. The onion straws that came with the burgers were a bit on the salty side (the guy at the table next to us complained to the waitress about it) but otherwise I enjoyed it.

We walked over to the theater right as they were starting to let people inside the theater from the lobby. I found out that Lisa was up in the lobby signing tickets and merchandise so I did go and get my ticket signed. My co-worker is going to be so jealous when he sees that.

The show got started, first were the opening acts. The first comedienne was hilarious, she does this Brooklyn Italian accent that just killed. The second comedienne, she just wasn't quite there with timing. It seemed like she was rambling a bit and the jokes didn't quite connect. Lisa eventually took the stage and she just killed. We had a great time, lots to laugh at, and there was plenty of new material for me to hear. There was only one bit I recognized from her past stand-up, but she made it work. Of course she targeted people in the front, but that's to be expected from her. Really, you have to have a thick skin to be in the front row at a Lisa Lampanelli act because it's like one big roast. I'd totally sit in the front if I had a shot at it. The only thing I didn't see was anyone try to turn the tables on her. I'd love to see what happens if someone started using her own material on her. Any Howard Stern fan would have plenty of fodder on her.

So the act was over and Alex and I said our good nights before hopping on Metro. I'd totally go see Lisa Lampanelli again.

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