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January 25, 2008

Another Odd Dream

They say if you start writing your dreams down, you remember them more often. Kind of ironic that after I write about the dream I had last Wednesday that I remember one the very next night.

This time the part I remember concerned a work evaluation, and for some reason this was not going to be a good review. To add a bit of drama, it basically turns into a grilling at my cubicle, complete with all the lights going dark except for a single light on me of course. I can't say I remember the questions, but from the tone, things were not well.

It's very odd that I tend to dream about things that are completely the opposite of reality, yet they can seem real. I wonder if it was a reflection of some personal worries I had. About a week or two ago, there was a bit of a lull with my projects at work, and it meant that I was poking around my instruments looking for things that needed to be fixed and just trying to keep busy. I hate these lulls at times because I don't feel as productive as I normally do.

Of course, I asked for it because now I got last minute changes to an instrument before a test, and currently there's a debate between my project manager and the sponsor on how to handle a certain variable. I may just have to leave that change out for this test and put it in later because I do not have time to screw around with it when the release is due the next day. Oh well, at least it's not production.

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