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January 31, 2008

The Best Desserts Are Homemade

I don't realize how much I missed something, until I enjoy it once again.

About five years ago was the last time that I visited my grandmother on my mother's side. During that trip, one of the tasks that I took on was making a batch of her homemade cinnamon rolls and writing down the recipe so that we would have it for ourselves. The reason for this was that she had made them for so long that she basically knew the recipe by heart and didn't measure anything, so if you were to ask her, she couldn't tell you exactly what she threw in. So I sat there there in her kitchen scribbling as fast as I can while she's going along and managed to get the recipe written down, my parents then put it into our collected document of recipes.

Fast forward to the present and I'm sitting here looking at recipes in the book to consider things to make for dinners with Joe when I see the cinnamon rolls. I haven't made or eaten any since the time I was writing down the recipe, so I decided I wanted to try making them. It's not necessarily that myself or my family has ignored making them, it's just that it takes about 4-5 hours to make, so it's not like you can surprise someone by whipping up a batch in the morning unless you normally wake up at 4 in the morning ;-)

So yesterday as the sausage soup is bubbling in the crock pot, I'm busy making cinnamon rolls. I managed to time it that they were done about 5 minutes before Joe arrived, go me. So we enjoyed dinner, and then really enjoyed dessert. He was surprised to see that there was no icing on them, but after eating one, he understood why. These are basically perfect the way they are, and in my mind, icing ruins them by making them too sweet. You can actually taste some roll in the cinnamon and sugar, unlike the mass produced stuff. Joe loved them.

Oh man though, it's so hard not to just eat the whole tray. Zap them for 15 seconds in the microwave, and they're all warm and slightly gooey again. I absolutely love these things, and I forgot just how good they were. Joe made sure to take one for breakfast, so that gives me incentive to make them again. Let's be honest, it's nice when someone appreciates your cooking and the effort you put into it, especially for homemade.

Hell, I should just throw a party and bake a batch of cinnamon rolls for the guests to enjoy. :-)

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