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January 22, 2008

Issues and Bargains

This day did not start out in the best of ways. I get to work, plug in my radio, and am listening to some music when suddenly the music freezes in one spot. This has happened on the rare occasion with my radio and a reboot fixes it. Not this time however as I am greeted with "Error, please plug into a PC via USB to recover."

Great, so my radio is basically dead until I can get home and fix it. I go home, plug it in, and run the recovery program. I get to the screen to start the recovery and bang "Your radio cannot be recovered, please call Sirius at XXX-XXX-XXXX for further assistance.

I call up the tech support, we try a few things, but it turns out that my radio is now a paperweight. I can't even get it replaced under the warranty because guess what, it expired a month ago. So the guy looks and offers me a refurbished Stiletto 100 for $150. Since my only other options are to downgrade to a new Stiletto 10 for $150, buy a brand new Stiletto 100 for $200, or go insane and spend $320 on the next-generation Stiletto (AKA Stiletto 2) I decide to just get the refurbished.

However, something didn't sit right with me after I had placed the order, based on some earlier research I had been doing. I went over to Sirius' website and looked under their "reconditioned radios" and lo and behold, a refurbished Stiletto 1oo for $120. That's $30 less than what I had just been charged over the phone.

I got back on the phone immediately with Sirius' general customer service, the first person said he couldn't do anything to cancel it because the warranty department had placed the order. I then got my E-mail receipt for the radio, and there was a phone number, so I called that one. I explained to the woman on the phone that I had just had it ordered on the phone because my other Stiletto was now a brick, but I saw it was cheaper on the website. She said that if it had shipped already she couldn't cancel it, but she would go on ahead and take a look at my original order. Before she did the cancellation, she asked about the price I was looking at, to make sure I hadn't forgotten about tax on my order. I told her that I was looking at the Sirius website and it showed a refurbished Stiletto 100 for $120. She said "Oh I would be on the phone canceling this order and going through the website too!" She was able to cancel it since the order had been placed so recently (15 minutes ago).

I went through the website and started to place the order, then I saw the field for "promo code." One Google search later and I found a working 15% off code, so after tax, I am replacing my Stiletto for $110.

It sucks that I have to go through with this, including the fact that I lost all of the music I recorded off of the radio, but at least I'll have a working unit, I don't have to go through the hassle of changing out my car kit again, I have a 1 year warranty on this unit in case it blows up, and I may have an extended warranty via my credit card.

If by some miracle I get my bricked unit to work, I'll have to work to recover the music.

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