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February 20, 2008

Another Late Mail

I don't think this was a separate mail issue, rather it's related to my previous posting of getting the sample primary ballot four days late.

About two days after a movie on my Netflix was supposed to arrive, it never showed, so I reported it missing, and they were to send another one out. I had done this Thursday night, they said the replacement disk would ship out Friday.

Saturday when I get my mail, there's the Netflix envelop that I assume is the replacement disc for what I had reported missing. I watch it, and drop it in the mail Tuesday morning. I get home Tuesday night and guess what is in my mailbox...the same movie I had reported missing! I think that was actually the replacement disc, and what showed up Saturday was the original disc that I had reported as missing. So I put the new one in the envelope and dropped it into the mail. I assume that Netflix will now get both back and be able to unmark the one as lost in the mail.

Still, how odd that this has happened. I have never had mail go late like this before, and thank god it didn't happen with something really important, like a bill.

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