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February 11, 2008

Sunday Drive: Harpers Ferry

Sunday morning started out as your typical morning, I got up and went to church. The sermon was about sin, but it wasn't in a way that made you feel like you were about to be struck by lightning.

I got home, dashed over to the store for a few items, then came in to surprise JH with a brunch of turkey bacon and waffles. He did enjoy them, and then suggested that we take a Sunday drive somewhere. After a quick discussion we decided to head up to Harper's Ferry since he had not been there in years, and I had never been there.

So within the next hour, we were up in West Virginia wandering around the area. However, while it had been in the 50's and breezy down in the city, it was in the 30's and windy up in the mountains, so it was a bit cold. Basically we were getting out, taking pictures, looking around, and dashing back into the car. We eventually went through the historic part of town, picked up some hot chocolate to keep warm while walking around. We went into a wine shop as well, and I bought some apple wine to try. It says it's spiced with cinnamon as well, so I'm wondering if it will be more enjoyable warm or cold, I'm betting on the former.

After looking over one of the Civil War battlefields, we headed down the road, and had to stop and move a tree out of the way that had fallen. The road was basically so sharp and narrow that we couldn't turn around, and it would have been dangerous to try and back all the way up. Then we were blocked later by a fire company that was cleaning out a chimney and checking the roof of a house. It just meant driving across town and using another road to get out.

We drove back down into Virginia, stopped for dinner at Fuddruckers, headed into DC to pick up a sleeping bag and monitor from Brian, then eventually headed home.

Pictures will be following, I just have to get them off of my camera :-)

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