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February 14, 2008

Valentines Day Fun

JH and I had our first Valentines Day together, though the festivities really started out the day before. Basically he planned the activities we did the day before, and I planned the activities we did today. What's that, a relationship where both partners make things equal? That's unheard of!

It started out with a trip to the Build-A-Bear workshop in Annapolis. It took us nearly an hour, but we did get our teddy bears picked out and dressed. JH went with a monkey that he named Major League (they were out of a bear he wanted) and he's dressed up in a Baltimore Orioles uniform. I went with a bear that I named Thunder, and he has a Baltimore Ravens outfit. Perfect for the sports lover in both of us ;-)

Since we had some time before our dinner reservations (they couldn't take us early), we drove around Annapolis. JH used to work in the area, so he is familiar with what is around and where to sightsee, so we did that.

Dinner that evening would be at The Melting Pot, which was oh so sinfully delicious. We started out with the Mediterranean Cheese fondue, which was not the best one, and our waitress did offer to make something else, but really, they were busy, and it had looked good on paper, so I didn't want to make her do the extra work. At least I made a better choice on the wine I ordered with our meal. We each had our salads, then our main entree was various meats and seafood that we cooked in Coq Au Vin. For dessert, JH picked out the S'mores Fondue, which was chocolate and marshmallow fluff with graham cracker crumbs. We had items like strawberries, pound cake, and marshmallows to dip in. However, the best thing I found to dip in the smores mixture? Rice Krispies Treats squares! I basically mentioned to the waitress that these were perfect for the mixture, and so she brought out a plate with a few more on it. That rocked. Overall I loved going to the Melting Pot, and it was a very nice night out with JH.

Tonight was where I got to surprise JH and show off my cooking skills in the kitchen. I had been keeping him in suspense with what I was planning, which as I have learned, he doesn't like being kept in suspense. Too bad, he's going to have to deal with that from me on occasion when it comes to planning something special ;-)

JH came to my apartment to the smell of sauce that had been bubbling all day and roasted garlic, along with various items in bowls. In this case, it was build your own pizza, and all the ingredients were from scratch, including the dough. I haven't made homemade pizza in over two years, which is a major change from my childhood when I made it at least every other week. JH was not only impressed with the fact that I remembered his favorite pizza toppings and had them available, he was really really impressed that I whipped up that dough from scratch. It's not a difficult recipe, though I'm not sharing it here, family secret and all, mwahahahahahahahaha!

So JH and I each made our own pizzas, and I had already baked a garlic pizza to snack on as well. We watched some Simpsons DVD's, and so now I sit writing this up before I head to bed and get ready for day of work before the three day weekend :-D

So without further ado, here's a picture of us and our creations:


  1. Who's the fat ass sitting on the right?

  2. Cute bears! Love you guys!! Congratas! Just found MM's blog.