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March 23, 2008

Phoenix, Day 6

Wow, has it really been my sixth day in Phoenix?

So what have I been up to the last few days?

To start, I found out that Root Seller Gallery and Apothecary moved over to a new location in Phoenix, so yesterday I went to check out their new store. They've done quite well with the new space, and there's definitely a lot to look at. I picked up a present for JH while I was there, along with a few other items. I'm tempted to go back for an item for myself...I have until Tuesday to decide if I want it.

The other night I went out with my mom and a friend of hers to the Ft McDowell Casino to play slots. It's an activity that my mom and her friend do every so often. Basically they go out there at about midnight and play slots for a few hours, moving from machine to machine and playing different ones that "feel right." and at the end they split the proceeds. Well we did pretty well for themselves, me especially on the penny and two-penny slots. One machine has bonus games just randomly show up while you're playing, and one of them I had to keep choosing what bonus I was going to get, eventually I matched getting 40 free spins, so I got to sit back as the coins came in. I had originally put in $20 and I walked away from that machine with $60...and this was a two-penny machine!

We also would be the folks who were playing the big Wheel of Fortune slot machine which does have a big wheel in the middle for the bonus game, and so when we'd get the bonus going we'd stand up and clap. There were a few folks that were staring as we did that but we didn't care, it was all about fun! Also, since it was the middle of the night, there was no one there, so it meant that we basically got to go to any machine we wanted to. The only time we were kicked off was when they were collecting money out of a row of machines that we were playing, which was too bad because I was on a bit of a hot streak with that one.

Friday Night I went out to Apollo's Lounge for karaoke. That place has undergone a renovation since I was last there 2.5 years ago, the major thing being the addition of an outside patio for smoking. It's just basically your neighborhood bar, but with karaoke that's actually up-to-date with the song offerings, unlike most other bars. I had called a friend of mine from college, Robert, and we met up and chatted for a while before I headed home.

Saturday night I talked with JH on the phone for a bit since we hadn't chatted much during the week except via a few text messages. He was leaving a party and heading over to Town, which he would later tell me was a blast and that I need to go with him. Next time he gets tickets or if the cover isn't too outrageous I'll definitely go. I also visited with another buddy of mine, Antonio. We had started chatting online at random one night when I was in my last year of school, and it turned out he had gone to the same school so that spring break we met at Phoenix Pride since he was working one of the booths. Anyway, he's planning on moving to San Francisco this summer and he's always wanted to go so this should be a great opportunity for him. At the very least it means I know someone should JH and I ever travel out that way.

This morning was Easter of course, so it means I was up early hunting eggs in the backyard with my brother. After lunch my dad went to take my bro back to college. My mom and I were going to go to the botanical gardens, but then it just got too hot to be outside for a long period of time. It seems to have skipped the 70's and gone straight to the 80's temperature-wise here, it will probably be another long, hot summer.

Tomorrow my parents and I will be going to watch the Brewers take on the Rockies for spring training, that should be a good game. Tuesday night there are tentative plans to hit Padlock Cellblock with Antonio for a beer, then Wednesday I head back home.

I'm just glad to have taken this vacation, I haven't had to think about work and I can just relax and do nothing. Of course, I have also felt weird about actually sitting back and doing nothing and have had a few moments where I have wondered if I needed to be doing something to stay occupied.

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