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March 02, 2008

Saturday Fun

So JH and I decided to go out Saturday night, there were plans to go out Friday night, but those changed for good reasons, which is being saved for another entry. After having some discussions about where to go, we had decided to head out to Tapatinis for dinner, and then go to The Comedy Spot in Arlington for The Blue Show.

So I arrive at JH's house and we metro over to Eastern Market to get to dinner, and it is there that we discover that while Tapatinis has a great working website, they're basically closed like they're out of business or remodeling. There was paper covering the window from the inside, and the door was locked of course. The lesson here boys and girls is that when you want to try a new restaurant, call to make sure it's still in business since the website is not the best indicator. I just checked the phone number and it is "temporarily disconnected."

We decided we would head over to the Ballston area and find somewhere to dine before the show since we would then be right in the area and not have to rush. We looked at the brewery, but next door was a sushi restaurant. Feeling adventurous we headed over to Asahi Kaiten Sushibar.

The food was excellent, I had the spicy tuna roll, the spicy yellowtail roll, and the salmon advocado roll. JH had the rainbow roll, the tuna roll, and I think he did a salmon roll as well. We also were sitting at the bar and enjoyed sharing one of the plates that went by on the conveyor belt as well, along with a mussel dish that was on the house. Of course, as we would learn later, the place was closing up shop as of Monday. Boy we can sure pick em, can't we? I should have asked if they knew where the particular sushi chef was going because she was very good at what she did.

So we get to the Comedy Spot and get seated. Basically the Blue Show is like Whose Line is it Anyway? minus the pussyfication that Disney did to that show, especially because it was uncensored. Of course, because it's improv, things can be hit or miss, but generally it was a funny show overall. JH thinks it started out funny and went downhill, but I felt it had its ups and downs anywhere. Still, we would totally do it again, and I would suggest it for something to do with a date or a group of friends.

By the time all was said and done, it was close to midnight and JH had to work in the morning, so we metroed back to where his car was waiting and headed home.

So a good night overall, and I am thinking our next project is to check out other sushi places in the DC area. Actually I have to love my church members, I was talking about JH and I's date and was bitching about how we find this great sushi place and it's frigging closing, someone tells me of a Japanese restaurant to try in College Park. So I'm sure we'll have a report on that in the coming weeks.

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