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April 23, 2008

Seeing Margaret Cho

Earlier this month, Margaret Cho had a show in DC, and it featured Liam Sullivan (Most famous for "Shoes"). Originally the plan was for JH and I to go, but since he was still in pain and on Percocet, it would not have been a good idea for him to drive from Pasadena to DC, period. So I invited Brian to go with me since I figured he might be interested in the show.

We met up and had dinner at Chef Geoff's in Downtown DC, which was basically right next to the Warner Theater. We both did the prix fixe theater menu, which featured salad, salmon, and creme brulee. The food was good, and this restaurant actually knows how to cook salmon right so that it ended up very tender and flaky, not dried out at all.

We get to the theater and basically it's just one big gathering of the homos. Let's be honest here, Margaret Cho has a biiiiiiiig following of the gay fans. She would joke a lot in her show about being a "fag hag" and especially being a "goldilocks" (Definition 4). I chatted with a friend of Brian's before we went to our seats. As we were waiting for the show to begin, I joked that there probably wasn't going to be a show, this was really a trap set by the Republicans and the religious-right to capture all of us homos and send us off to "re-education camps" so that we could become good little straight Christian Republicans.

The show started with "Aunt Susan" singing a song about her double-headed dildo, then it moved on to a video of Dr. Ulee, who has to be the worlds worst sex therapist ever. Finally we saw the video for "Let me Borrow that Top" before "Kelly" came out and performed "Shoes" live.

After that, it was all about Margaret. I thoroughly enjoyed her show, mainly because it was all new material. Yes, she did do impressions of her mother, but it was not the entire show thankfully. Like I mentioned before, she talked a lot about being friendly to the gays, and she has come up with what has to be the greatest marketing idea for DC. She speaks the freaking gospel when she talks about "Dick o'Clock" coming around, which means all the gay men out in the bars go hunting for dick right about that time, and that leaves all their female friends in the dust. She suggested that there needs to be a shuttle service that goes and picks up all those straight women and takes them to a "safe house" where they get to watch the Sex and The City Movie before anyone else. I wonder how much it would cost to purchase a charter bus and start that shuttle service...

I think what I thoroughly enjoy most about watching comedy shows is that I can actually see the facial expressions when jokes are being delivered, which makes them ten times funnier than just hearing them. Margaret is a pro at this, especially when she shows complete and utter shock at something someone told her, like the woman at the front desk of the museum who told her "I'm just letting you know now there is no photography allowed in here, I know how you people are!"

Anyway, so if you're a fan of the Cho, I advise you pick up tickets to go see "Beautiful" since it's all new content, and I promise you'll be rolling in the aisles.

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