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May 08, 2008

Time Passes Quickly

I have been playing catch-up as of late with my blog, trying to keep things in chronological order, but this is of enough importance that it must be shared now.

This past Monday, JH and I celebrated 6 months since our first date :-D The tentative plan was to go to Fogo de Chao, but we have decided to reserve that for later. Instead we went out to Hellas Restaurant over in Millersville for crabcakes. The crabcakes there are worth it simply because they're huge, and most of it is crab, not filler. I ended up eating one and taking the other to go for my lunch the next day.

JH also introduced me to a snowball, which is a traditional summer treat. I know it as shaved ice, but this was different, because this was chocolate flavored. I have to give the company that came up with this flavor credit, it tasted pretty good, and I'm picky about chocolate flavored items that are not actual chocolate. We spent the evening watching some TV and cuddling.

6 months, wow, it seems like it was only yesterday I was sitting across from him at a table discussing how badly the Ravens were doing that season. It has only gotten better as time has gone on, and I'm just as crazy about him as I ever was. May there be many, many more months (and years) together. Reading through that past entry, I did get my wish, no more drama!

Love you babe!

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