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June 08, 2008

A Few Notes on Pride

Pride has basically kicked off for the DC area; for the next week there will be various events going on that are focused towards the GLBT community. Since I'm working as a volunteer for pride, it means trying to make an appearance at as many events as possible before the two big ones, the parade and the street festival. So far it's been interesting, between witnessing a bit of the Mr. and Mrs. Capital Leather Pride competition and one of the kickoff parties. If you didn't attend the Pride Kickoff Party, Virginia at Freddie's Beach Bar tonight, you missed out on a great number of local acts, including Tom Goss and Rachel Panay.

As for the rest of the week, the Town Hall on Monday should be interesting because it's on Queer Economics, basically I hope to hear on how much us queer folks could fuck up a local economy if the wrong people piss us off. Then there's the Mr. and Mrs. Capital Pride competition, plus the bachelor and bachelorette auctions as well.

I'm questioning whether I will attend the mens dance party at Town on Friday evening because of who they have as the "celebrity" host. It's Christian Soriano, who was the recent winner of Project Runway. I hate, hate, hate this guy with a passion. Not only does he act like an over the top flaming homo, it's clear he's completely fake. To add to it, they're advertising that he will be going around giving out "hot fashion mess" violations to those in the club. I swear, if I get dragged into still going to this thing, I will wear my sluttiest, nastiest fetish outfit, if only to send a message that I don't give a shit about what he or anyone else at Town thinks about what I wear. Oh, and if he walks up and says "What's up trannies?" to me, I might be liable to haul off and smack him.

Saturday I will be walking in the parade with my church. I have been helping lead the organizing of folks to go and show support by walking in the parade, or just being there to cheer us on. For us it will start with a picnic at one of the nearby churches at Dupont Circle before we walk over to line up and walk in the parade. From the parade it is likely I'll be missing the Saturday night parties as I will be helping set up all of the street festival stuff for the next day. Yes folks, we work through the night so that things go smoothly on Sunday.

From there, I'll be around the festival, where I'll be at, we'll see. It's going to be a very long day for me, and for JH as well, which is why Monday will be a recovery day for the both of us.

Overall this has brought a new perspective to what it takes to put on Pride, among other things. At least it is all fun in the end :-)

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