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June 16, 2008

Thoughts on CA

Tomorrow same-sex couples in California can get married, and same-sex couples in other states can travel there to marry as well, though their state may not recognize the marriage.

I just hope that the folks who do get married in California get married for the right reasons. Just because you're a couple who can get married doesn't mean you should. From what I am reading, things could get really messy if you end up divorcing later on, just like with straight couples, but moreso if you live in a state where same-sex marriages are not recognized. Does anyone remember the case of the Vermont lesbian couple who were in the process of dissolving their civil union when one of them ran off with their child to Virginia? That's still a whole tangled mess, especially the custody battle. Besides, if you marry and then end up divorcing soon after, the right-wingers are going to start screaming some more about how gays are evil because they can't commit...even if it is hypocritical of them to say that.

If you're going to marry your partner, whether you're a gay or straight couple, do it because you love the person and will commit to one another for life, not because your state allows you the opportunity to do so.

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