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August 30, 2008

Cedar Point

As a sort of reward for completing the show, I took off with JH to Cedar Point this past weekend. We flew into Cleveland, rented a car, and drove up to Sandusky, where JH would show me the outside of Cedar Point since the park was already closed by then.

To put a lot of how I would be feeling on the first day of being at the park into perspective, let's keep in mind that I was still as sick as a dog from the vocal strain, chest congestion, and nasal drip. However, I had also vowed that unless I needed to be in the hospital, I was not backing out of my trip. What I did get to deal with on some rides was that the G-forces put pressure on my chest, which already can be bothersome for me (little to no "padding" around the lungs) and it just felt worse since my lungs were irritated.

My first ride was on the Wicked Twister, which is very similar to Voodoo in Dorney Park. It's a big U-shaped track and you go back and forth between the two ends three times. That one is always fun. Next we went onto Millenium Force, which is one of my top rollercoasters to ride now. It goes fast and has plenty of turns, but it's not overdone with the thrill elements. Definitely ride it while at Cedar Point.

Next was the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. It was a good ride, we just got to deal with the woman who was apparently afraid of coasters, so she whined through the whole ride about how she was scared and that she was going to kill so and so for suggesting the ride. After we got off, I had to cough up some lung butter and spit, and she started claiming to her group that I was puking. If I was puking, my head would have been over that garbage can longer than 5 seconds lady.

We moved on to Maverick, which had the longest of the lines we would deal with, at 1.5 hours. The ride was worth it though as not only did you get lifted up the lift hill pretty fast to start the ride, but in the middle of it you hit a magnetic launcher that got you going fast again. As we pulled up to the station, the cars stopped. Apparently one of the cars ahead in the station had stopped at the bottom of the lift hill and wouldn't go up so we were waiting outside. I didn't mind because for whatever reason I just wanted to be in the sun and warm. I was also tired as well, which was strange because I had slept for a good 8 hours the night before.

After that JH's companion TX was going to arrive at the park. By this point I had been feeling like I had been walking for miles and miles and my feet were ready to quit. So I sat down at the bleachers over near the Top Thrill Dragster and actually napped for a few minutes while JH went to get TX. I felt better after that.

We hit Raptor, Gemini, Magnum XL-200, Blue Streak, Iron Dragon, Mantis, and Corkscrew before calling it a day. One could tell I had plenty of sun that day as my cheeks were red.

The next day it was just JH and I at the park. Originally in the morning we were going to get up at 8:30 and go. I get a text from him in the morning (he was in another hotel room) and he pushes it back to 9:30. At 10 AM I'm calling him up and he is just waking up. Needless to say I snapped at him becuase I don't like being told to wait until a certain time by someone else, have it pushed back, and then they fail to be ready at the appointed time that they set. We got to the park and we rode Disaster Transport, Wildcat, and Mean Streak before finally saying we had enough. Mean Streak was the worst one for me to ride because that one will shake the hell out of you. Don't ride it unless you like trying to put your internal organs back in place.

So now I can say I finally visited the famous Cedar Point and rode most of their rollercoasters. The next time I go back I still have to ride Top Thrill Dragster (among a few others) but I wasn't too mad to have missed that one because I already conqured it's big brother, Kingda Ka ;-)

BTW, I am now up to 95 coasters.

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