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August 22, 2008

Gotta Rest

The performance is soon, and I am stoked for it. I just need to rest my voice tonight because I am getting a bit of a warning from my body that I'm pushing it a bit too far. I have to admit though that we sound good, the duet is going to blow people away.

At least work will be an easier day. We had a small crisis occur yesterday and I stepped up to the plate and got things done and fixed in a very short amount of time. The regulators didn't like how a survey was going to be conducted so they wouldn't approve it, and we were due to release it for production next week. It meant that yesterday I was notified of this, and then I was sent new specifications to make changes to what I had already programmed. I got all of those changes in by this morning, and released a new instrument to our testing platform. The sponsor was wowed by the turnaround, and so was one of my bosses.

So it should be a quieter day at work since any and all crises have been taken care of. I can focus on Children of Eden :-D

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