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September 02, 2008

Last Friday

Last Friday night was a fun night.

I had been talking to a guy, PK for a while now and we decided to meet up for a date. Through our conversations we discovered we had a lot in common both in interests and values, so it couldn't hurt to meet face to face and see where it went.

The original plan was to have dinner at Childe Harold in Dupont Circle, however, PK clearly had learned a lesson that I had learned the hard way a few months ago because he decided to call ahead for reservations. Of course that's when it's learned that it doesn't exist anymore. So I suggested going to Zorbas for dinner, which we did. The food was great as usual and so was the conversation.

After dinner we walked around the neighborhood a bit and chatted before heading back to his car. He presented me with a gift of a rose, saying it was based on a previous conversation. I surprised him when I nailed what that conversation was, it was when he had said he wished he could have seen me in the show and been there to hand me a rose afterward. It was a very sweet gesture.

PK brought me back to Greenbelt and saw my apartment before he headed out since he had to work the next day. It was definitely a successful date, and there's talk of meeting up again. The current plan is to go to the Renn Faire this weekend, however, looking at some recent storm tracks from the National Hurricane Center, we might be in for Tropical Storm Hanna...or at least the remnants of it. That's why there's always backup plans made...except they still have to be made :-)


  1. A rose on a first date?

    Nothing says I love you like a rose.

    Take my advice.

    Run. Run fast.


  2. Only if it's a red rose, and this one wasn't red ;-)

  3. If it looks like a duck...

    Walks like a duck...

    Quacks like a duck...

    It's a Mother Fucking Duck!