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September 24, 2008

The Life of A Sports Nut

I suppose I can blame my parents for this, but I love sports, at least as a spectator. With the way things have gone this week, you'd think that I do nothing but watch sports.

If the pictures and video I posted previously was not enough of a clue, I was at the Ravens game this past Sunday. What a great game that was to watch. It is only my second live NFL game, and this time around it was a much better experience, maybe because it wasn't 45 degrees and raining! Great game, great fans, always a blast, I can't wait for December 7 when we face the Redskins. Did I mention I have now customized my phone wallpaper with Ravens logos?

Monday I took JH to an Orioles game as a gift for his birthday. Great seats, unfortunately, not a great night for the Orioles, oh well.

Tomorrow night, I am going to a Capitals game with AX because a friend of mine who is a season ticket holder cannot make it to the game, so she gave me the tickets, with one string attached. I will accompany her to the season opener of the Caps on October 11. I have gone to the games before, they're fun to watch live.

Finally, this Sunday is the last game for the Orioles and I have a couple of tickets. Anyone interested in joining me? Let me know.

Four different games in seven days, wow, I never would have thought I could do that.

While we're talking about it, the only sports I will watch on TV are professional football and basketball, I really am not a fan of watching baseball or hockey on TV, I have to watch them live in order to keep my interest. That's probably due to the fact that growing up, we always watched football, and my brothers got into basketball as well, so I am used to seeing those.

What surprises me nowadays is how accessible it is for me to get to a game around here. Of course it's easy to buy baseball tickets, even on the day of the game, it is one of the few sports left that is accessible. As for other sports, it has not hurt that I am making connections with season ticket holders who cannot always make it to the games they have, or occasionally my church has a group outing to a sporting event. Some people would be surprised that I would go with a church group to a sporting event, but the way I put it is that "It's not full of Jesus, just beer."

Of course, try being the only Ravens fan in Redskins territory; thank God we are not division rivals. I joke that I am a drop of purple in a sea of maroon at work. However, ever since I have started wearing my jersey for Purple Friday, I have had other fans approach me, including those who are season ticket holders. Hopefully this will translate into more live games in the future :-)

One more thing, why aren't more gay men into watching football? Discuss. I will post my own thoughts about it in the future.

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