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October 14, 2008

Renn Fest

This past Sunday I went to the MD Renaissance Festival over in Crownsville.  As usual, it was a day to walk around, catch a few shows, ogle various men and women in costume, and eat food you wouldn't normally eat.

I got there in the early afternoon, leather mug in hand, and wandered for a bit before getting some mead and watching the DaVinci Bros. show.  Walked around some more, watched some jousting, which is always fun.  Gawked at the one person who was dressed as Lara Croft, since it doesn't quite fit with the theme of a renaissance faire ;-)  There were also the acrobats doing routines on long fabric tapestries.  I did watch a demonstration of glass blowing, which is always fascinating, especially if you stop by that booth and see all of the different pieces the guy has made.  I did have my camera with me, so there will be pictures up by the end of this week.  Unfortunately the piece he was making ended up breaking, ironically it happened at the time that it was being explained that they would bring the pieces back to the oven to be reheated a bit because if the glass got too cool, it would become more brittle and the piece was likely to fall off the end of the iron.  Of course, right as he gets in front of the oven, crack, fall, shatter.  Oh well, time to make another.  I do find it funny that the oven where they pick up the melted glass onto the iron is known as the glory hole.

Moving onward, I ran into a few friends I knew who were regular workers at the faire and chatted them up a bit.  I decided to go and get a "coin" pressed since there was a design that I liked.  While that was being worked on, it was time to take on the time honored reason you go to the faire, and that is to get a smoked turkey leg and some cider.  I got my food and drink and proceeded to enjoy while watching "Fight School"  which was hilarious in itself, and it didnt hurt that one of the performers was definitely cute.

Got my coin, walked around some more, chatted up some other friends, watched a witchcraft trial happen (she was found innocent, which was good because she was hot), and enjoyed a long afternoon before heading home in the last hour to beat the traffic.

It was a much better afternoon than watching my Ravens get slaughtered.  Seriously, WTF?!

This upcoming weekend is the last weekend for the Faire this year, so if you haven't gone yet, I encourage you to go and take in the festival, otherwise you're stuck waiting another year for it to come around :-)

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