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November 25, 2008



That would summarize how I felt after watching Tina Turner live last night.

When I found out that Tina was touring agian, I immediately jumped at the chance to buy a ticket to see the show, and by sheer luck, I nailed getting floor seats. So I was going to be right there, on the floor of the Verizon center, facing that stage and seeing Tina in all of her glory. Boy I couldn't wait.

I invited Fredo along because I knew he was a fan as well. We met first for dinner at La Tasca and enjoyed some tapas before heading into the center for the concert. We got in there and boy it was just a clusterfuck in the halls. The center must have been operating with a reduced staff because it didn't feel as organized as it would normally for a Caps game. It took us a few minutes to find our way to the section where we could head to the floor. However, we did finally get down there and into our seats. Of course we made sure to be there by 7:30, which was on the ticket, but the show probably started closer to 8.

The concert finally got started and it was all about Tina, there was no opening act first, and that was fine by me. I have got to say that for a woman who is about to turn 69 (heh heh, 69, heh heh) Tina has still got it. Her legs look great as usual and she still has good energy on the stage. The concert itself was a number of her hits over the last 20 years, with several costume changes, including Aunty Entity from Mad Max. Between costume changes there would be an act going on by several performers that were later dubbed the "Ninjas." They made a pretty good transition because it led well into the next song. The other thing about the concert is that occasionally I would notice there was something on the video screen in the background, but my eyes were very much glued on Tina and the band on the stage because there was just such a presence that I didn't want to look away, not even for a second.

There was a bit of audience participation after she went through most of What's Love Got to Do With It? She had the ladies, then the men all sing the title line along with her, but with attitude. Boy was that fun.

After the first set of songs, there was a 30 minute intermission, which is one of the longest I have seen at a concert. When they came back it was like Tina Turner unplugged at first before getting back into doing more of the dancing that we all know so well. Tina did do a cover of the Beatles Help! along with The Rolling Stones' Jumping Jack Flash and It's Only Rock and Roll (but I Like It). I wonder if it will ever be possible to find those covers as an MP3, but probably not unless there is a concert bootleg out there. I really liked her Help cover because it was done more along the lines of a gospel singer than as a pop hit, and she can still carry a very soulful tune.

Of course Tina ended the show with Proud Mary. There is no way in hell she would be able to get away with not performing that song. She left, and it stayed dark for a while before Tina came back out for an encore of Nutbush City Limits, where she was on a platform floating out over the audience. I actually was able to snap some decent pics with my cell phone camera, which I will upload later. Her final song for the encore was Be Tender With Me Baby, though she changed it from "tender" to "gentle" which I found interesting.

Overall it was an awesome show, and I was glad for the opportunity to see Tina live. About a year ago I was complaining that I had never gotten to see her live and that I might never be able to, so this was just the perfect opportunity to do so. I have also joked that I would pay an outrageous price to see Tina Turner live, but the thing about her is that she knows damn well where she came from, unlike some other artists that we know.

I would totally see her again if she comes back to DC.

Here is the set list that was performed that night if you want to re-create it for your iPod. Any song marked with a * is a cover so you might be stuck with getting the original artist instead, though I would still try searching for Tina first.

Steamy Windows
Typical Male
River Deep, Mountain High
What You Get is What You See
Better Be Good to Me
Acid Queen
What's Love Got to Do With It?
Private Dancer
We Don't Need Another Hero (Beyond Thunderdome)

I Don't Wanna Fight (this was played as the intro before going into the second set)
Let's Stay Together
Undercover Agent for the Blues
I Can't Stand the Rain
Jumpin' Jack Flash*
It's Only Rock N Roll (But I Like It)*
Addicted to Love*
The Best
Proud Mary
Nutbush City Limits
Be Tender With Me Baby

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