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December 14, 2008

Tuesday Monuments

Tuesday was more of a low key day. After a late breakfast, we hopped the Metro and did a monument and memorial visit. Of course that meant going back to just where we were the day before, with plenty of jokes about deja vu.

We walked by the Washington Monument on our way to the WWII Memorial, which was something brand new for my dad. If you visit any of the memorials around here during a more "normal" vacation time, you would see the fountains all going and such. Since my family and I are not by any means "normal" we were visiting the places in the winter, and therefore every fountain was drained. Actually it was a bit surreal to see, so I snapped pictures of the memorials with their now-dry fountains. After WWII was the Vietnam Memorial, where I learned some interesting tidbits from my father about the construction of it and such. We then walked by the Lincoln Memorial, where the story is that my dad is one of the few people who has played piano at the Lincoln memorial. The story is that he was there visiting and there had been a concert that night. After they finished, they packed everything up....except the piano. So what do my dad and his buddies do? Sit and jam on the piano. Am I surprised? Not really, that sounds like him.

We walked over to the Korean War Memorial and my parnets and I had a discussion about the difference between this memorial vs other memorials. I would talk about that here now, but I am saving that for when I post the pictures since they lend a visual context to the discussion. My dad was familiar with the process they used to etch the wall there, which he liked seeing, but we are surprised there isn't some kind of a clear coat to protect the parts that were etched out. I hope they do something to preserve it or the weather is going to wear them away.

Beyond that there was nothing my parents wanted to see, so we headed home. There was one other memorial I had hinted at seeing, but I don't think my mom is ready for it yet. I will say this though, 9 years this week.

Got home, hung out and relaxed, enjoyed 5 Guys burgers for dinner and watched Christmas Vacation, which is always a classic. I want to learn Clark's freakout speech because it is an absolutely perfect insult.

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