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January 12, 2009

Wow...What A Weekend

This weekend was full of trying new things.

Friday night I met up with JS and his partner BX since I hadn't seen either of them for a few months.  The night was fine, had a home-cooked dinner and played cards and caught up on what had been happening in our lives.

Saturday I ran some errands in the morning before heading to the bar to watch the Ravens play against the Titans.  As usual there were very few Ravens fans where I was at.  There was one guy who had placed a bet for the Titans, so he was being rather obnoxious every time the Titans made some sort of play in their favor.  Unfortunately for him the tide would turn late in the fourth quarter and the Ravens won, 13-10 :-D.  Joe Flacco has now made a name for himself being the first rookie quarterback to win two playoff games.  I hope he can make it three, and then four with a Superbowl win.  This week we will face the Steelers, that will definitely not be easy.  There is some controversy about whether a delay of game penalty should have been called on the Ravens in the 4th, and to that I say STFU and quit whining.  Last week the same thing happened in the Dolphins vs Ravens game, but no one bitched about the Dolphins not getting the penalty.  This just continues to prove that non-local media give no love to the Ravens.

After the game I went down to Cheverly to see TB since we had plans to go to Baltimore and meet several of his friends.  We drove to Baltimore and went to their apartment, which clearly was an old townhouse that was converted.  It was very well built and TB was just all over how nice it was; he says he'd like to live in a place like that one day.  We first went to the Phoenix bar and had a few drinks before heading over to the Baltimore Eagle.  I had never been to the Eagle so that was something new for me.  I ran into another guy I had been talking with online who was a fellow Ravens fan and of course we couldn't shut up about the game.  TB and I hung out for a while before heading back home from Baltimore.  It was definitely fun to try a few new places that night.

Sunday morning TB and I got up and went to church.  In a classic blunder of mine, when I was setting my alarm clock, I managed to put my clock an hour ahead so we got up and got out the door before noticing that we were an hour early.  Oh well, we had a good laugh at it and it meant time for us to go grab breakfast before the service.   He enjoyed the service and the people that were there, and he would like to go back again.  After the service we picked up some groceries and headed to his friends house in Cheverly to hang out and watch the games and play with the dog as well.  We ended up going to the dog park in Bowie to let her run around and she was just all over the place; there is probably some greyhound in her.  After about an hour and a half we headed back and hung out before I headed back home (TB is probably back in Bel Air by now for work).

It was a great weekend, and I'd gladly do it again.

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