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February 09, 2009

Sirius 109, XM 98, 6-10 PM Eastern Time

Four years and three months ago, I finally jumped on the satellite radio bandwagon because I needed to listen to more than a few country stations and a top 40 station out in rural New Mexico. I went with Sirius Satellite Radio because the music lineup looked better and Howard Stern was coming, but I also got it because they had a channel dedicated to GLBT listeners, which piqued my curiosity.

I got my radio, hooked it up, activated it, and after checking out the music, I tuned in to what was then channel 149, OutQ. The first show I would hear? Derek and Romaine, a show about pop culture and whatever was on their minds. It quickly became something to listen to while I was working nights at the lab because I could always use a few laughs between tutoring folks that stopped by. Within a few weeks I was calling in, and considering that at the time I was one of the few New Mexico listeners, they knew when it was me calling in.

I actually got to meet Derek and Romaine a few months later when they attended Phoenix Pride, and they were the nicest folks to talk to. Romaine had done a pictorial in "On Our Backs" magazine so I got her to autograph it (I still have that issue!) and Derek autographed a pride guide. Two months later, I would get to see them again at DC Pride since it was right after I moved there for work.

The show has changed a bit since I first started listening, but they have kept all of the format that makes them popular. My favorite parts (besides that it's uncensored) are listening to Coffee Klatsch since it is anything goes, "What's Your Gay Problem?" (came about after a prank phone call) which is their advice segment, and "Desperately Fucking Angry" which is where listeners get to call in and rant about whatever pisses them off. I've probably called into "Desperately Fucking Angry" the most, especially during some of the worst times of my life. Actually, I have to give it some credit for prompting me to get out of a bad situation after calling in with a rant and Derek proceeded to call me out on some of my own behavior. Sometimes you just need to be yelled at, and neither Derek nor Romaine are afraid to do it if they have to.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I enjoy the show and listen every day that I am at home. If you already subscribe to Sirius or XM, tune into Sirius channel 109 or XM channel 98 from 6-10 PM Eastern time. If you are not a subscriber, consider getting the 3 day trial of Sirius Internet Radio to check them out since OutQ is one of the channels you can listen to besides all of the music. You can also find information about Derek, Romaine, and the Derek and Romaine show, including their new blog, which is written by Derek and Romaine, along with a few of their listeners.

A number of shows have come and gone on OutQ, but there is a reason that Derek and Romaine stays around, it's just that much fun to listen to.

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