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March 17, 2009

Attempting to Plan

So I have this opportunity to go to Europe, and I sure as hell am taking it.  It looks like early June is the right time to go, though I will be missing DC Pride.  I can't say I am very torn up about it, except for the parade since I help coordinate my church's involvement in it.

I've been thinking of going to Italy for my extra days after the software conference.  What can I say, I might as well go see the country where my great grandparents came from, and it should be good weather.  I talked to my aunt a few nights ago and she gave me some advice, among them that I should stick with one region and then visit another on a return trip in the future.  Ya know, that sounds great and all, but considering how much time I have to be there, I can manage to do more than one place.  However, she did point me to a tour company that will send a free DVD of Italy, so one of those is on the way as well.

I am thinking of flying from Latvia to Venice, stay for 3 days, then take the train to Rome, stay for 3 days, take the train to Naples, stay 2 days, then come back to Rome to fly back to the states.  I will be sure to take a lot of pictures of course, and if I can find Wi-Fi, then I can upload them to flickr as I go along.

So now I am just visiting the travel sites, though I may try talking to a travel agent to see if they can get better prices, but if they can't, then I'll just come up with my own itineraries and wing it, which could ultimately end up being the best way.

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