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March 29, 2009

Weekend Recap

To start, I finished my paper on Thursday.  I will polish it up tomorrow and send it to my bosses on Tuesday.  Once they are done writing it, then it's onward to writing the presentation.  I also got my official passport for traveling so I should be set for that trip, now to start putting together the itinerary to get over there.  12+hour flight, yay!

Friday night I hung out with J&D at their house since I didn't have any plans for that evening.  Boy I can tell I don't miss live TV much anymore, too many commercial breaks.

Saturday was a busy day for me.  I was coordinating a coffee house fundraiser for the theater group at my church and so I got coffee and snack type items to serve as well.  The turnout was not quite what I wanted, but we still raised a good amount of money.  The folks who did show up were very active as well and we did have an enjoyable afternoon.

That evening I met up with RC and saw Monsters vs Aliens at IMAX.  It's a cute movie but don't bother with the IMAX version, not enough fun 3D stuff to justify the price we paid.  Go see it anyway for a few laughs.  Did I mention that even though all I could hear was his voice, I would still do Seth Rogan so hardcore?

Sunday morning was spent at service, then at a workshop afterward (that's an entirely different topic) before heading to my cousins house.  Her son turns 46 tomorrow so he was over with some of the family to celebrate.  My cousin Eleanor and her husband Joe were also traveling back to CT after spending a few weeks down in FL, lucky them ;-)  Good afternoon to hear about the trip.  In the evening I was at practice for the holy week singing group.  That will keep me busy during that week.

Now it's back to the old grind tomorrow morning.  Hopefully the weather will be nicer this week.

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