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April 04, 2009

Bar Annoyance

Every so often I like to head out to the bar with friends to have a few drinks and partake in socializing.  Yet at times there are some things that go on in bars that remind me of why I don't visit more than about once a month.

Crowding is the biggest problem.  Yes, I know it's a small space, no I am not claustrophobic, but goddammit if I am trying to walk through to get somewhere, don't stand in front of me and stop every 2-4 feet to chat it up with someone or stand there because you're too timid to move forward in the crowd.  I have no problem with shoving you out of the way, and by that point you have no right to try and shoot me a dirty look for doing so.  You're contributing to the problem.

Along with that, I have to laugh at when an organization tries to do a "bachelor auction" to raise funds.  Typically it's guys standing up there and they offer some sort of prize for bidding on them.  As the price goes higher, they typically will strip off their clothing (at least to underwear since most bars aren't licensed for anything more).  You as the audience member are not bidding on a date with the person, you're bidding on the prize behind them.  My friend BG isn't particularly fond of them because what's the point of watching them on stage when all you're really bidding on is a prize like tickets, memberships, or gift certificate? 

Personally I don't mind seeing them on stage, but what I can't stand is those who act all embarrassed for being up there, or even for doing some of the eventual stripping.  Maybe it's just me but it makes them look timid, and I am not big on seeing a guy be timid.  Come on, if you volunteer for this, you know what you're getting into, and as much as you don't want to admit it, you probably enjoy that people are looking at you, so look like you're enjoying it.  Don't be a damn pussy.

At least the guys at Omega don't act all embarrassed when they're up on the bar.

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