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May 30, 2009

The Prop 8 Decision and Our Reaction.

This past week the decision was handed down about Prop 8 in California, and as expected, when the decision did not necessarily go the way the gay community wanted, there were protests in the streets and such.

I just have to wonder why the hell everyone cared so damn much about California to the point that folks across the country went nuts and started protesting at their city halls.  Where the hell were they when their own states wrote in the laws or their supreme courts made their decisions that ruled against same-sex marriage?  I don't remember seeing many folks out protesting when Maryland's court of appeals handed down a similar decision last year.

I'm beginning to find myself more in agreement with the line of thinking that this issue is going to be on a state by state basis.  I don't necessarily think it's helpful when folks will put all their eggs in one basket on focusing on one or two particular states, in this case, being California, when it seems that they neglect their own state for various reasons.  So ultimately I will probably not understand why there was so much reaction to CA, especially around here.

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