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June 04, 2009


Went and saw the surgeon today for my follow-up, and everything looks good.  I'm healing up nicely so he removed the dressing and staples, and put in their place some paper strips and some new bandage tape so that the small staple wounds can heal.  I just need to keep it on for about 5 days and then I am good to go.  I have an appointment to see the doctor again in 3 weeks, and I'm sure it will be a good report as well.

So, apparently I was a "difficult" case, though from what I can tell, I couldn't have been as bad as some.  However, I had to be cut open more than a small laproscopic incision because my appendix was "retroflexed" and three times as long as a normal one.  Basically, not only was my appendix bigger, but it pointed upward instead of downward.  Oh well, they got it out anyway before it could burst, though I still have my suspicions that the reason it got so "hot" was because of how freaking long it took to actually get me in the operating room.

By the way, no...more...morphine...ever!  I was given that in the hospital and it made me puke my guts out, to the point where I was dry heaving most of the afternoon.  Josephine reminded me that the doc had commented that he was going to get my painkillers changed because he did witness once or twice that I was pretty sick while waiting there.

Anyway, so now I can return to normal, for the most part.  I still can't do anything too strenuous, no jogging or dancing, basically anything that would impact the belly too much right now.  I still can't lift heavy things, which kind of sucks, but I can deal with that.  Unfortunately, no roller coasters allowed...yet.  As long as I can do it later this summer, I don't care.

Josephine commented on how good it was to see that I was able to get up, and hell, I'm glad I am able to stand up again without having to grab a chair so I can pull myself up.  I should see if this made my arms any stronger.  I did find the other day according to my Wii Fit that I lost 4.5 pounds since I last measured myself the night before this all started.  Hopefully I can do enough exercise to maintain.


  1. You sure the 4.5 pounds wasn't what your appendix weighed? ;)

    (I kid because I love.)

  2. It could have been ;)