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September 08, 2009

Enjoying It

This past Friday has certainly been an exercise on how doing something different can pay off.

I had the day off on Friday due to having to move my AWS day around from the holiday.  I pretty much used it to be lazy, at least until the night time.  A group of folks in Baltimore were heading out to the Little Havana restaurant and bar, and I decided I would check it out, as I had done this a few months ago for a similar event at the Bay Cafe.  The bar itself is nice, has a nice deck with a view of the harbor.  Seriously though, they need to put some fans in that place.  With about 100 of us showing up on top of their usual clientèle, it did get hot in there, and there was no breeze coming off of the water to help.  Someone I talked to that evening did mention that the place does a good brunch so I might have to consider checking it out some weekend.  At least I was also able to find a good parking spot off of the Key Highway, and I lucked out in that the meter maids must not have been bothering with the meters that night because I knew I was pushing my luck with the one I was parked next to.

Anyway, so the main part of the evening for me was to chat it up with a number of folks because I was on my own for this event, so it was an opportunity to meet new people and see what came of it.  Luckily when it comes to Baltimore, the people are friendly so it's not difficult to get in on the conversation.  I met some great people while I was there, and I was just glad to see that plenty of us showed up, despite the holiday.  The payoff would come later that evening in that I got an invite to a pool party on Sunday, yay!

If there was one thing that I would say kind of detracted from the evening, it was having some people who would forget a rather important detail about their own lives.  Now I am a friendly person, and I do get flirtatious, and there are people who respond to that.  It's one thing if I'm flirting a bit and you tell me that you're attached to someone.  I'm not going to get bent out of shape over that because you're being real with me.  However, if you're giving off the signals and hints that you're very interested in me, and then I find out through other conversation with you or someone else that you're attached, and you didn't tell me this before, all bets are off motherfucker.  If you're willing to conveniently hide something major like that, who knows what else you're not telling me.  Yes, I did have that happen last Friday, too bad because he was cute.  Hopefully it doesn't reach the point where I have to start asking any cute guy I meet if he's attached because that's just tacky.

Either way though, I had a good time, and I'll definitely be heading to the event next month again, if not just spending more time at the Baltimore bars in general.

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