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October 21, 2009

Lonesome in the Wilderness

As I've noted here before I'm trying to change my scenes and approaches especially when it comes to dating. What have I learned so far? The dating pool becomes pretty shallow when you pursue interests that one would think would be common, but it turns out may not be.

I love sports, roller coasters, hiking, camping, trying new things, and being outdoors as my main interests. It shouldn't be hard to find someone who has those interests in common as well, but I have yet to find it. Perhaps I am just not looking in the right places.

I likely haven't helped my situation in that I have perfected my "fuck off" vibe, and it has been in use lately (What can I say, I am a true Scorpio). I have found in the past that when I have given off the vibe that I am out there and looking, I attract the wrong type of person for me. So now I am more on guard on just what it is I am putting out there. Also, it has to do with those who approach me and the immediate read I get from them is that they're looking my way because they're hoping to get in my pants in the next hour or two. When I was younger and stupid, I tended to miss that one and it led to some mistakes that I have learned from. I'm going to state it right here, if a person is more interested in what's between my legs than what goes on in the head that sits on my shoulders, they can just keep right on walking because they really don't deserve my time.

Perhaps I have set the bar a bit too high on what I am looking for, but at this point, I'm not willing to budge (gee, I'm stubborn as well, whodathunkit?) on it because another thing that has gotten me into trouble as well is setting the bar too low. I settled when I should have kept on moving, and this time around I am not going to settle.

I think my fear is that I am going to end up regressing back to when I went through a two-year dry spell of dates when I was in college. However, back then I was still fairly shy and instead of having the balls to just head out on my own or approach other folks, I instead stayed home. Luckily I had some buds who eventually noticed that I had not been going out and such and took it upon themselves to drag me out of my room. This time around, I may not have my buds with me directly, but I have those lessons learned and the courage to just keep on going out there, rather than stay home.

The loneliness is still here now, but it will pass. Besides, this is always the part where someone I know is going to have some major relationship drama and give me a few reminders.

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