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November 16, 2009

3 Down, 3 To Go

This past weekend was the first set of performances for the show I am in.  In summary, they went very well!

Friday night was opening night, and it was a small crowd that showed up, but they were a spirited crowd.  It did mean some modifications to our Noah's Ark scene because we didn't have the number of people we would use, but we still made it work very well.  After the show, we headed out to the Old Bowie Town Grille for dinner and drinks to celebrate opening.  There was a live band, they had Guinness on tap, and great buffalo tenders as well.  I'll have to head back there again sometime.

Saturday night was a bigger crowd, including familiar faces for some of the cast.  It was another great performance, though I had one snag with one of my props, but we made it work.  After that show our after-party was to have food and wine there at the hall since that makes more sense economically for us.  Myself, my director, and one of my cast-mates ended up staying late and chatting before one of us looked at our watch and realized the time.  To put it into perspective, we started partying a little after 10, we didn't leave until after 12:30.  I was supposed to go to a friend's house and I joked to him the reason why I was so much later than I expected is because the folks and I couldn't shut up.  I'm Italian, I'm used to that happening ;-)

Sunday was our biggest crowd so far, and they really enjoyed the show.  There were some folks I knew who came and I was glad to see them there.  After the show, we then moved everything from St. James over to St. Georges, where the performances will take place this weekend.

So everyone who has seen the show has enjoyed it.  There was a random person on Friday night who did not seem to enjoy one of our jokes and left.  Apparently he didn't like that we made a joke that was in support of gay rights.  Oh well, if you're going to be that uptight about it, you're leading a very sad life.

So since people are responding well to the show, it gives me confidence that we will have a good set of performances this weekend.  I do hope to see folks there and that we get good crowds as well.  Tonight we did practice at St. Georges, and while the staging is much different, we seem to be adjusting well.  I still have to make sure I am all ready for some of my costume changes.  Apparently I look good in sequins, but don't expect that to become an every day thing.

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