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November 20, 2009

Take A Shot

Now that some things have decidedly calmed down a bit in my life, I decided that I would try to ease back into doing more dating.  Much like other areas of my life, I want to broaden my outlook, see what I can find, and try new things.  It occurred to me that perhaps one of the reasons why I hadn't had as much luck with the dating was because I had limited myself to certain groups of people, which in itself comes with certain pitfalls.

The last time I had some decent success was through Match.com, but I didn't really feel like paying for it again, so I asked around to a few other people of what they had used.  The answer that came up was okcupid.com because it was free to message people and geared more towards the younger crowds.  So I ultimately went and created a profile there, and started poking around to see what was available.

Well color me surprised to note the number of folks who were out there and looking as well, especially around my age.  I also went through a number of questions that you can answer to help determine personality so I could get a clue as to if there could be potential personality conflicts as well.  It's been interesting to see so far.

I did go as far as to actually meet up with someone this evening at the New Deal that I had started chatting with, JMc.  However I don't think one would call it a "date" per se because it was more about actually meeting and chatting with one another face to face rather than via E-mail.  It's so much easier to get a read on a person when you're actually there.  It also turned out that besides that he lives in my neighborhood, he loves the New Deal anyway, so perfect.  It ended up that we have a number of things in common and had a lot of good conversation over dinner.  In fact, we stayed until the place closed, so that must say something, right? ;-)

If anything, he's reminding me that I should consider getting back into gaming again, we chatted quite a bit about video games, and he's very familiar with the Legend of Zelda series, so there was quite a bit of talk about that.  So right now it's looking like it's going to be the start of a very nice friendship, at least for the nerdy side of me.

It also gives me a bit of hope that I can get some good results out of okcupid, and that perhaps the reason(s) why I don't always get dates or dates that go well are not entirely due to me ;-)

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